Puraai was born in 2018 merging the creative spirit of two young Italian designers, moved by a constant research for something that could have represented them thoroughly; finally, they found inspiration for the brand during a trip in Japan.

At the end of a day spent discovering and studying the latest trends in Tokyo, they were attracted by a small detail on a recyclable plastic bottle. Indeed, ラ is part of the Japanese character used to identify a recyclable product, a very dear concept for both to which, today more than ever, everyone should care about.

There arose the intuition of creating a line of products that had in common the exclusive use of sustainable and recycled materials. “Pura”, in fact, in Japanese means “plastic” and “ai” means “love”, because if used, recycled and reused properly, plastic can be an incredibly versatile material, to create any object respecting our beloved environment. Today puraai offers environmentally friendly products for a cultural change, captivating in aesthetic and practical for everyday use, a different approach to the use of materials.